Tame Your Asphalt Jungle

Don’t overlook your Portage, MI asphalt problems

Cracked and crumbling pavement can impact more than just aesthetics. Damaged asphalt can be a real nuisance. Potholes can damage your car, cracked pavement can make your home or business look unkempt and uneven surfaces can become a major safety hazard.

Make your Portage, MI home or business more welcoming by repairing damaged pavement. Strengthen your parking lot or driveway with a protective coating. Do cars and their drivers a favor by fixing those potholes. Precision Asphalt Sealing can help you stay on top of your pavement problems.

Have fewer cracks to step on

If you have problems with your asphalt, we can take care of them. Faded parking lot stripes? Potholes and cracks? Unprotected pavement? Precision Asphalt has the services to confront these issues. Our services include:

Give your asphalt surfaces some much-needed attention.

Precision Asphalt Sealing is a full-service asphalt maintenance business that's been in operation for over eight years, taking care of whatever asphalt issues you may need addressed in Portage, MI. We communicate directly with our clients and we want you to know what goes into the process of repairing your asphalt surfaces. We'll make sure you're completely satisfied with our customer service and finished product. We work on commercial, residential and industrial projects and handle all of the work ourselves.

Choose Precision Asphalt Sealing to address your asphalt repair and striping needs!

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