Crack Down on Your Parking Lot Damage

Crack Down on Your Parking Lot Damage

Patch up your Portage, MI parking lot

There’s a pothole on the street outside your home that catches you off guard every time. Before the pothole wreaks havoc on your tires and suspension, you should get it fixed. With infrared patching technologies, you won’t have to worry about the process taking forever.

Precision Asphalt Sealing offers infrared patching services to repair damage to your Portage streets and parking lots. The asphalt is heated in a small area so it can be scraped and removed. Some of the softened asphalt is mixed with new asphalt to resurface the area. The mixture bonds with the surrounding asphalt to create a joint-free patch.

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3 advantages of infrared patching

  1. A quick fix for cracks, potholes and uneven asphalt surfaces
  2. An eco-friendly process that recycles much of the old asphalt
  3. A process that leaves no joints which can lead to water damage

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