Keep Your Parking Lot In Line

Keep Your Parking Lot In Line

Give your Portage, MI lot a coat of paint

You’ve repaved your parking lot and it looks pristine. The blanket of fresh black asphalt definitely complements the look of your Portage, MI business. But it’s missing something: striping.

Customers need to know where to park and where not to park. Drivers need to be warned that pedestrians may be walking by or that certain spots are dedicated to those who need increased accessibility. If your asphalt surface is lacking stripes, Precision Asphalt Sealing can paint them for you. We use a machine to lay uniform stripes on parking lots, streets and other paved surfaces.

Consider the types of striping you can have for your parking lot

Asphalt striping can be useful for more than just parking spaces and road lines. Striping will personalize your lot and help you accommodate those with special needs or hard-earned privileges. You can use our striping services to designate:

  • Parking lots
  • Handicap spaces
  • Crosswalks
  • No-parking zones

Choose Precision Asphalt Sealing today to have your asphalt surfaces professionally striped.